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  1. Calenture, kal′en-tūr, n. a kind of fever or delirium occurring on board ship in hot climates. The senses warred upon the wit; seized by calenture, one saw through radiant mists. This day likewise, I had a stroke of the sun, which occasioned a burning fever or calenture.
  2. Performing poetic subversions of long-held notions about the subjects of death, loss, and the societal perception of femininity, Calenture is at once uncomfortable and hauntingly memorable.
  3. Calenture definition, a violent fever with delirium, affecting persons in the tropics. See more.
  4. An entirely different proposition to the stripped-down rock & roll of In The Pines, Calenture was to be The Triffids most ambitious album, not least in terms of production, which was handled by Gil Norton (later to work with The Pixies and Foo Fighters) who soaks everything in glistening '80s chorus and reverb. As a consequence of this scaled-up recording and mixing policy, tracks like.
  5. The striking images in Calenture illustrate the predicaments of each song's characters. The hallucinations suffered by the woman in "Kelly's Blues" are vividly drawn: "Her tree blew over/I shook her branches down/The wind and I, we howled around her door/Now there's a buckle in the sky, lightning on the shore."9/
  6. Apr 28,  · Here is an overview of all the extras found on this Domino remastered / extended 2 CD release of Calenture: On Disc 1 (Tracks 13 - 17) are all the B sides from the singles taken off the LP (both the 7" and 12") To be honest these are not the best /5().
  7. Origin of calenture Spanish calentura from calentar to heat from Latin calēns calent- present participle of calēre to be warm ; see kelə-1 in Indo-European roots. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries.
  8. In addition to being plagued by scurvy and homesickness, sailors of yore who dared the tropics also had calenture to worry about. Given a case of this fever they were likely to imagine that the sea was .
  9. Thomas Lambe, died Jan. 28 , of a calenture or by a feverish, cold died abt 6 months before Abiel was born. Dorothy was left to raise the five children of Thomas's by Elizabeth and her three metstislomarkame.vauradcdiscdontirenicezaficasca.infoinfo: Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury, Suffolk .

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